Program Management and Consulting

MHSI’s program management services encompass a wide
range of activities, from individual component applications to full product development.
MHSI’s team of engineers continually leads in manufacturing plant
support in the following areas:

  • Material handling
  • Material flow
  • Packaging optimization
  • Technically innovative support

What We Do

MHSI is a program management firm specializing in material handling and software solutions for large and small businesses. Our primary business is within the automotive industry but also focuses efforts on growing its non-automotive work.

Our Process

  • Assess

    Establish A Baseline

  • Integrate

    Identify The Tools, Processes, And Methods That Improve Your Current Process.

  • Customize

    Customize A System Specifically For Your Needs, With Your Permission We Will Adopt And Use The System We Crafted For You.

  • Execute

    Execute The Plan

  • Measure and Improve

    Optimize The System As Needed For Optimal Performance

International Experience

MHSI has full capability to execute it’s program management processes outside of the United States and overseas. We currently have projects based in Mexico and work with customers headquartered in Europe. Past and current International programs have been based in the following locations:

Online Collaboration Tool

  • Improved interface across supply chain
  • Real time information sharing
  • Effective documenting and tracking
  • Document storage and retrieval

MHSI Pack Agent

  • Data and status request management
  • Optimize container solution
  • Cost savings initiatives
  • Container inventory management

MHSI Label Agent

  • Access plant BOM on mobile device
  • Efficient and thorough validation tool
  • Scan, read, and record all label content
  • Export data to online database

  • Total solution for online program management
  • Database recording and tracking
  • Export status updates, escalated reporting, and issue resolution

Our Clients