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Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHSi) was founded in 1995, and is a leading Automotive Containerization and Material Flow Company. We are the premier provider of integrated program management solutions to the global manufacturing, distribution, and services communities. We employ some of the finest engineers in the industry to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. MHSi has experience domestically and abroad, and has worked in Mexico, Russia, China, South America and the Middle East. We use our expertise, intellectual capital, and unique technology solutions to provide measurable results every time.

In addition to our program management expertise, MHSi is a developer and provider of best-in-class software solutions. Whether mobile, web, or desktop we have built custom software solutions to help our customers streamline and drive profitability.

We specialize in the following:

  • Material Flow / Handling
  • Packaging Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
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Our Featured Services

At MHSi, we're not just project managers we're also engineers, analysts, software developers, and designers. We're a unique company having the best people with remarkable talent. Due to our various skills and talents we offer a wide range of services.


Our team of software developers has developed a unique online collaboration tool for logistics planning and approvals. Let us help build your custom application.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our team utilizes various methods such as a bounding box algorithm, part analysis, and engineering studies to optimize packaging efficiency.

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Global Support

Our team of specialists can support you globally around the world. Our technology and the algorithms we use can give you insight into your logistical needs.

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Project Management

We have the capability to execute our project management processes within the United States as well as internationally. Projects have launched in Mexico and Europe.

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Material Flow/Handling

We use our extensive knowledge and lessons learned to help you ship material. Our technology and analyzing of data have helped our customers with their logistical needs.

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Design Services

Our design team handles engineering related issues. We can assist in the optimization of your packaging plans including the design of specialized racks.

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our team members

Ed Smith


Ed Smith has been with MHSi since 1999.  With his distinguished career in equipment re-manufacturing, real-estate, and investment banking, it was on Ed’s initiative that MHSi was purchased in 2001. Ed provides MHSi with the support to take action on opportunities which benefit MHSi’s customers and the company’s future.

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David M. Hicken

VP Sales & Operations

With over 35 years industry experience, including several levels of engineering and management within GM and Ford, Dave has been an innovator in the supply chain and material handling engineering industry.  With his experience in stamping, assembly, mechanical engineering, and design, Dave has applied his expertise to develop standardized processes.

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Anuja Deo

Business Development Manager

Anuja brings a strong background in automotive project management and engineering to the role of Business Development Manager.  Prior to that role, Anuja worked as both a project leader and project engineer at MHSi with 8 years of project management experience.

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Joyce Kindermann

Platform Manager

Driven to ensure each client’s needs are met, Joyce possesses a vast understanding of customer processes.  Joyce has the foresight to predict how customer processes interact with one another across the supply chain, thus affecting project outcomes.  She has been with MHSi since 1998 and has worked in all areas of material handling program management.

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Arnold Richards

Program Manager

Arnold has been in the automotive material handling industry since 1994.  He is currently a program manager with the Chrysler team.  He has been a valued member of the MHSi team since 2001.  His years of experience and his ability to lead and communicate in a team environment have greatly contributed to the success of the company.  Arnold is respected amongst his peers at MHSi and our various customers.

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Justin Adams

Program Manager

Justin joined MHSi in 2013 and brings a strong background in various areas of automotive containerization.  In his prior role of project engineer, he has been able to hone his abilities in rack design and production principles.  With a goal-oriented demeanor and strong attention to detail, he has become a major asset to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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Our main headquarters is situated in beautiful Rochester Hills, MI. Only a half hour drive from downtown Metro Detroit.

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