Mobile friendly sites, web applications, client tools, database architecture and services are just some of the tools we build. Our software development team can customize your very own application to meet your business needs. Below we list some examples of applications / projects we have brought to life.

Audit Application

Our iOS Audit Application is used to audit and compare packaging plans against what suppliers have sent to plants. For instance, during a logistics plan a supplier may inform to a customer that a certain container / box will have specific characteristics. They may say the container will be a certain size, carry a certain amount of parts, and have a certain dunnage associated with it. Once these packages arrive at a customer plant our tool allows you to audit and ensure what the supplier stated (in his / her packaging plan) was what was actually sent to the customer.

The audit app mainly ensures plans are being executed correctly and ensures that optimization is being considered. Features of our iOS audit application include the following items:

  • Issue Management
  • Plan Tracking
  • Photo Uploading
  • Search Capabilities

Audits Performed

Issues Resolved

Plants Audited


Online Collaboration Tool (OLCT)

MHSi has built a world-class web based (mobile friendly) online collaboration tool for our customers.  The tool allows plants to recommend packaging plans to suppliers.  Suppliers use the website to initialize their plans and gain approval from MHSi along with the customer.  The tool has been successful by saving our customers millions of dollars due to packaging efficiency and packaging material.

The tool connects to a SQL Server database and is mobile friendly so you can use it while on the go.  Key features of the OLCT application include:

  • Ability to perform approval / rejection in real time
  • Package plan creation
  • Package plan photo storage
  • Document storage

The tool is used by over 5k different suppliers and continues to grow each and everyday.

Packaging Plans Approved


Plants Using OLCT


Vehicle Repair Application

The vehicle repair application was a prototype application used to show how dealerships can track damages done to vehicles as they are delivered to dealerships for sale.  Although it may seem rare dealerships experience this although we as consumers do not even think this can occur.  The application allows for tracking of vehicle damage in a web based (mobile friendly) website.  The system allows for issue responsibility as well as custom reporting and photo uploads.

  • Web Based (Mobile Friendly)
  • Photo Upload
  • Issue Tracking


After Market Product Package Planning

A custom tailored tool to help one of our clients allow suppliers to create package plans for after market products (spark plugs, oil filters, etc.).

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